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Steve Palmier Artist
Paintings, Murals, Prints, Posters


Born in New Zealand, brought up in Great Britain, lived in Hong Kong, and is now living in Vancouver, Canada.

He won his first award for a painting of a train at the age of 11 and won a guinea for his efforts. He has had his architectural drawings exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the City Art Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland while his paintings have been exhibited at the City Art Centre in Hong Kong and locally in Vancouver. He studied Chinese painting while living in Hong Kong, and now continues to practice architecture and painting in Canada.

Steve attempts to capture the spirit of living in differing environments. Not only does he paint, but he has also embarked on a series of murals, event posters and street posters to add to his works, and is now keen to develop his three dimensional abilities into his art.

His work is held by many friends from Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, the USA, Australia, as well as political dignitaries in Thailand and Malaysia.


The Vancouver Sun: 10 September 2005
architectureBC Magazine: Spring 2005
Hong Kong Standard: 12 January 1997
BC Magazine, Hong Kong: January 1997
Fringe Festival Magazine, Hong Kong: January 1997


1996: Woodlands Court Gallery, Hong Kong
1997: City Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2002: 5th Avenue Cinemas, Vancouver
2005: Kits Yacht Club, Vancouver
2005: AIBC, Vancouver
2008: Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2009: The Waterfall Building, Vancouver


2001: Hawaii Mural for private client, Vancouver
2001: Pillar Mural for private client, Vancouver
2002: Thinktank Mural, Vancouver
2004: Gibsons Canoe Race Poster, Vancouver
2004: Street Poster Competition entry, Richmond
2004: False Creek Canoe Race Poster, Vancouver


1996: Wedding for Andrew & Denise McMillan
1996: Portrait of her Father for Clare Lissaman
1996: Dragonboat Racing for Hongkong Island Paddle Club
1997: Hong Kong, Lorence + Yan Yan Johnston
1997: Hong Kong Convention Centre for Andrew Swain + Claire Robinson
1997: Dragonboat Racing for Greg Hefner
1997: Cathay HQ for LLewelyn Davies Architects
1997: Hong Kong for Peter + Bernadette McCallum
1997: Hong Kong for John Boss
1997: View over Hong Kong for Paul + Liz Hooper
1997: Hong Kong for Matt + Nicole Chapman
1998: VRC, Hong Kong for Katherine Lynch
1998: Dragonboat Racing for Barry Lam
1998: Solo for Pulling Water Canoesports
2000: VRC and Dragonboat Racing for Tim + Tani Richards


Swan Boat Association President, Thailand
Chief Minister of Penang, Malaysia
Coquihalla Breweries, Vancouver, Canada
Sue Turnbull, Vancouver, Canada
Sylvia Doulaverakis, Toronto, Canada
Dr LH Palmier, Bath, England
Stephen + Andrea Coates, Hong Kong
Cannie Bennett, Hong Kong
Grant + Keiko Hume, Singapore
Des + Wendy Mabbott, Hong Kong
Gillian Douglas, Borders, Scotland
Claire Robinson, Melbourne, Australia
Tony + Valerie Faneco, Melbourne, Australia
Victoria Wong, Melbourne, Australia
Walter Situ, Hong Kong
Claire Goodchild, Hong Kong
Teena Goulet, Hong Kong
Matt Flynn + Martha Levin, Hong Kong
Tim + Jane Jeffery, London, England
Dan + Agnes Fedoruk, Hong Kong
Jackie Webber, Vancouver, Canada
Kamani Jain, Vancouver, Canada
Rick Nu'u, Hawaii, USA
Brian Mulvaney, Hawaii, USA
James Osachoff, Vancouver, Canada
Alan Carlsson, Vancouver, Canada
Elizabeth Audley Charles, Vancouver, Canada
Dani O'Reily, Vancouver, Canada
Thomas Palmer, Vancouver, Canada

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